Monkey,Waikiki & Wave Bar

MONKEY BAR a place where you can stay all together

The MONKEY BAR is the perfect place for any time of the day or evening!

You can enjoy every day our delicious brioches for breakfast, accompanied by an excellent cappuccino
A delicious ice cream that satisfies all tastes, perfect for the summer evenings 
Or you can relax by choosing from a wide selection of cocktails for all tastes!

WAIKIKI BAR will enjoy peace and relaxation with a breathtaking view

At our WAIKIKI BAR you can enjoy delicious snacks, tasty menus, pizzas, burgers and fries.

Alternatively, you can sip a good cappuccino or freshen up with drinks and ice cream, all while enjoying a magnificent view of the lake!

The kiosk is equipped with tables and comfortable lounges.


Open every day from about mid/late May to early September


WAVE BAR Comfort even when you are in the pool

Eating by the pool is possible! Our WAVE BAR offers a wide range of delicious options.

You can enjoy a variety of snacks, piadinas or sandwiches to satisfy every palate, or freshen up with an ice cream
or a cool drink, all immersed in an atmosphere of complete relaxation.

Open every day from about mid/late May to early September